Adam J. Branch

I am Adam J. Branch, twenty-nine years old, business entrepreneur and owner of Inkwell Harbor Real Estate. D.B.A Ph.D Business & Administration.


I don’t think I’m very much of a children person.

They’re alright, though. Just little people.


That looks chaotic… That’s why I’m never having children.

They’re not all that bad, quite fun.


Kids aren’t all like that, are they?

Most of ‘em are, yes.


Well, not holding him upside down is probably the first place to start. Not a natural position for children, you know, sir.

He likes it upside down, actually, think it might make him smarter.

Looking after the nephew today. Help?

Cillian Murphy FC please. IF someone were to take it, I would cry. I would make one. Idek. Just please. They can be bffs for liiiifeee.

This has been an ooc post.


That’s a horrible mental imagine. Mind you, you’re only a year older than I am.

A year, what’s a year? You know you love the image, sweetheart, you want me to take care of you, and I’d be so happy to.


You should just pay all of my phone bills, Mr.Branch.

It would be much appreciated if you didn’t call me sweetheart. You are confusing your strange obsession with me and love, they are two very different things.

Only if you promise to call me all the time, or at least answer my calls. What is it you’re looking for, a sugar daddy?


Lies and slander.

Have I received your texts? Oh did I. I had to end up turning off my phone for the rest of the time I was away because your texts kept using up all my battery.

Oh, did you now? I would apologise, but I just can’t do that. I can’t bring myself to.

Sweetheart, I’d never lie to you, you know I love you too much.

Reunions - Atticus 


“Yes, just water.” Atticus rose an eyebrow and decided not to expand upon the subject. It was a rather embarrassing issue with Atticus, he never could really go out with his friends and drink with them. Unless he wanted to relive the bar incident in which he actually got into multiple fights, in one night. He could already hear the snickers that went around the firm when he walked in the next day with a killer headache and a black eye.

Atticus couldn’t help but to roll his eyes at Adam’s statement. He wasn’t one for low self-esteem and was well known with the fact that he wasn’t an unattractive man.

“Thank you Mr.Branch, for your kind words.” He couldn’t help but to be sarcastic, it was in his nature. His mother never really approved of his sarcastic comments, but that was one side of him that not even his mom could change. And Atticus was okay with that.

When the waiter came over to take their order, Atticus’s eyes flicked over to Adam for a second as he told him not to scrimp. Please, he would love to not scrimp but it was once again in his nature. “I’ll have the spicy chicken chipotle pasta, please and thank you.” Atticus said to the waiter and gave him a smile.

He focused his attention back to the man across from himself when the waiter left with their orders. Atticus’s eyes went to the wine in Adam’s glass, for the love of god, he hoped that Adam wouldn’t offer him a drink. “Don’t get any funny ideas with that drink Mr.Branch” he quickly warned him.

Adam pushed a wine glass towards him, eyes on his, challenging him to say no in front of the rest of the restaurant, and he poured a little for him, three mouthfuls maximum, and let it sit in front of him, at the price of the wine it would have been an insult were he not to drink it. He waved a hand as the man ordered the cheap stuff, again, and yet he said nothing of it, picking a piece of bread from the middle of the table, taking a bite, leaning across to him.

'Kind words, yes, I am just overflowing with them. Simply overflowing, sweetheart, and you are the only one I wish to give them to.'

He couldn’t help but pout, wrinkling his nose over at him—oh how he knew the other man loved him, he knew it, he just had to, there was no way that Adam was not lovable, he was cheeky, flirty, charming, he was pushy, yes, but that was more only with Atticus.

'I just love it when you blush, and can you blame me? It's fantastic.'

He picke dup his glass, pointed it at the other man and smiled,